Invitation to Partner – CSAFE Community Outreach Programme

On December 22nd 2016 PLOTT launched CSAFE, a FREE anti-crime app for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. This initiative is part of a wider community outreach programme in partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Community Defence Services Limited, the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT) to   address and prevent crime.

A critical aspect of PLOTT’s ongoing community outreach has been effective use of data and technology, for these reasons PLOTT engaged the expertise of Mr. Darrin Carmichael, CEO, Community Defence Services in the provision of the mobile app “CSAFE”; this app is now accessible to all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, completely FREE of charge. Search “Community Defence” in your app store.


CSAFE which stands for “Communicating Security Awareness for Everyone” is the next generation of neighbourhood crime watch. It is a programme specially designed to manage all the external and internal workings of community groups by integrating a number of unique services into one robust platform that is reliable, timely, confidential and above all SAFE.

It uses the basic premise that is, you “see something…..say something” and the service then alerts you and your community of any reported suspicious or criminal activity by using innovate communication channels.

The new app allows COMMUNITY DEFENCE to quickly disseminate emergency alerts, and post news about missing or wanted persons, public safety notifications, and weekly crime reports. In the event of an emergency, app users receive instant notification via their mobile devices. Citizens can easily send comments and crime tips — anonymously if you wish — and place calls to COMMUNITY DEFENCE’s 24Hr hotline with the touch of a button.

You can also notify Policing Agencies about suspicious activity and log trouble reports with Public Utilities easily by uploading images through the app.

The CSAFE app provides an easy-to-use method for two-way communication between a comprehensive programme and the national community. It’s a valuable tool for keeping citizens safe.

To download the app, search “COMMUNITY DEFENCE” in your app store. The app is available on Android, Apple and Windows platforms.

Strategic Partners – CSAFE Community Outreach

See below for how you or your company can assist with our wider community outreach programme. We need all hands on deck!

We hereby invite you to register as a partner or volunteer. This approach provides both the financial and human resources for nationwide coverage and sustainability.

Community Outreach Objectives

Primary Objective

Citizen security and culture change; end the spate of aggression, violence and lawlessness by:

  1. Communicating security awareness
  2. Improving citizen participation in the fight against crime
  3. Creating an environent of social responsibility and
  4. Uniting communities across T&T

Scope of Community Outreach:

  • Crime Research and Analysis (ongoing)
  • Publications (e-release, newspapers and magazines)
  • Supporting Technology (mobile app and online platform)
  • Call Centre Management
  • Establishment of New/Revamping of Neighbourhood Crime Watch Groups*
  • Security & Situational Awareness Training Sessions
  • Community Risk Assessments
  • Training Resource Centre (National Capacity Development)
  • Community Signage (CSAFE and Neighbourhood Watch Declarations)

*We have been working closely with the Crime and Justice Committee of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, this Committee has played a significant role in the establishment of neighbourhood watch groups across Trinidad and Tobago and will remain a key partner in this regard.