"The bigger the dream the more important the team."
- Robin Sharma

The Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT) are indeed on a mission to change the world, beginning with our own beloved nation, Trinidad and Tobago.

In this regard, PLOTT has been engaged in a number of activities as we seek to raise awareness and understanding of the contributors and repercussions of the aggression, violence and lawlessness we see across our home country and subsequently across the globe. As advocates for change, PLOTT organizes countless events and debates to raise public awareness and improve civil society interaction with government policy; publishes weekly bulletins, monthly and annual reports informing the public of up to date crime statistics and economic news relevant to member countries, and more recently we launched a mobile app and national community outreach programme to address and prevent crime, ensure citizen security and unite communities. PLOTT is regularly published and quoted in the national newspapers and television news broadcasts due to our extensive research and insight.

None of this would be possible without the passion and strength of the resources we engage. PLOTT is actively pursuing world change and in so doing we must lead by example.

Leaders who last do not merely react to their culture, they base their leadership on timeless and universal principles. They remain relevant because they marry cultural context to timeless truth. The values by which our leaders stand must be evident to the network we lead.

In pursuit of our vision to establish a global support network connecting across the Trinidad and Tobago diaspora and mission to create an environment of social responsibility, PLOTT maintains a two-fold focus:

  1. Networking and support – connecting with influential and socially conscious leaders
  2. Social development – ensuring a measurable socio-economic impact

Meet our Board Members and Leadership Team

Board Members

  • Gillian Wall, Co-Founder and Chairperson
  • Catherine Kumar, Co-Founder
  • Cherisse Huggins, Secretary and Legal Counsel

Leadership Team

  • Gillian Wall, Chief PLOTTer and Membership Committee Head
  • Dale Laughlin, PLOTTalogue and Health and Wellness Committee
  • Lyndira Oudit, Membership Committee (South Trinidad)
  • Anna Henderson, PLOTTalogue Committee
  • Beverly Wilson – Treasurer
  • Lisa Ghany, Events Committee Head