“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

The Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT) are indeed on a mission to Change the World, beginning with our own beloved nation, Trinidad and Tobago. PLOTT is a network of influential and socially conscious leaders. Our MAD Army operates with the philosophy that whatever change we desire in this world begins with a personal commitment to being that change – don’t let this world drive you crazy Go MAD (Go Make A Difference). We Are The Change.

PLOTT connects and works with governments, communities, organizations and individuals locally and globally to tackle some the most difficult issues afflicting our modern world. Be it the economy, crime and national security, health, governance and transparency, gender equality or human rights, PLOTT has been actively pushing for change in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the region since 2011. In so doing, PLOTT has successfully opened political and social discussions in the public domain to promote better awareness during the democratic process.


Our PLOTTers are our resources - that’s the deal!

We pursue and achieve our objectives through a MAD Army of focused and empowered executive leaders, committees and project teams.

The Profile of a PLOTTer (member of our network) includes an established female leader / executive who for at least 5 years has either:

  • Owned and operated her own business
  • Led or sat as a member of an Executive Leadership Team

Each PLOTTer has a keen interest in:

  • Assisting fellow PLOTTers in dealing with the unique challenges many female leaders face in the business world and in life
  • Making a valuable contribution to social development causes and projects (primarily but not solely female related)

This PLOTTer Profile defines our membership criteria and includes leaders of commercial and non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and free lance professionals who have been operating on their own for at least five years.

Through strict adherence to our membership criteria we:

  • Ensure each PLOTTer has gathered valuable business knowledge and experience to share with the group and is willing to do so
  • Screen candidates to assist with managing our rapidly increasing headcount, especially considering our desire to maintain a close knit and self-managed group within an atmosphere of open sharing
  • Eliminate the need for membership fees

Our Official Boiler

The Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT) are indeed on a mission to Change the World, beginning with our own beloved nation, Trinidad and Tobago. Given the scope of our mission, the criteria for lead Strategic Partners include international reach and social responsibility. Recently we really turned up the heat. Hereby introducing Microsoft, our Official Boiler.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

As our Official Boiler, Microsoft has taken the lead in facilitating the realisation of our global vision through improved and increased use of technology. Over our current fie year strategic term, Microsoft will be assisting us with update and upgrade of our technology, as well as replication of our model worldwide; the key elements of this strategy are:

  • Technology and membership growth
  • Social Development; ensuring measurable socio-economic growth and impact

We’re pleased to announce that you will be seeing some significant changes to our online platform soon. So do revisit our website. The project lead for our partnership with Microsoft is Ms. Frances Correia, Territory Manager, Microsoft West Indies (English, French and Dutch Caribbean)

Strategic Partners

The Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT) are indeed on a mission to Change the World, beginning with our own beloved nation, Trinidad and Tobago. Given the scope of our mission, the criteria for Strategic Partners include geographic reach, influence within your respective sector and evidence of social responsibility. Contact us if you or your organisation fits this profile.


There are several benefits and services we available to the members of our network, these include learning and development, business and social networking, publications, gift items, discounted pricing, advertising packages, increased visibility and goodwill, and assistance with media coordination. Our Partners make this possible.

Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your brand by registering your organisation as a partner. This is a great way to introduce our network to your business. Hosting or Sponsorship of PLOTT’s events and activities and/or offering discounted pricing provides you with an opportunity to market your company’s, brands, products and services to a captive audience of powerful decision-makers.

Our Partners receive and add value through:

  • Hosting or Sponsorship of events and activities;
  • Provision of special rates and loyalty packages to our network.


Believing that within you is the ability to change the world is the first step in
making a difference.

Get involved! Help us grow our network and have a meaningful impact on the environment around us, help us change the world.

Begin today by registering as a volunteer (events or social projects) and sharing our page and activities with your friends.