Our PLOTTers are our resources - that’s the deal!

We pursue and achieve our objectives through a MAD Army of focused and empowered executive leaders, committees and project teams.

The Profile of a PLOTTer (member of our network) includes an established female leader / executive who for at least 5 years has either:

  • Owned and operated her own business
  • Led or sat as a member of an Executive Leadership Team

Each PLOTTer has a keen interest in:

  • Assisting fellow PLOTTers in dealing with the unique challenges many female leaders face in the business world and in life
  • Making a valuable contribution to social development causes and projects (primarily but not solely female related)

This PLOTTer Profile defines our membership criteria and includes leaders of commercial and non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and free lance professionals who have been operating on their own for at least five years.

Through strict adherence to our membership criteria we:

  • Ensure each PLOTTer has gathered valuable business knowledge and experience to share with the group and is willing to do so
  • Screen candidates to assist with managing our rapidly increasing headcount, especially considering our desire to maintain a close knit and self-managed group within an atmosphere of open sharing
  • Eliminate the need for membership fees