"Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change."
- Barack Obama

PLOTT is on a mission to change the world, beginning with our home nation, Trinidad and Tobago. In this regard, PLOTT is engaged in several development initiatives as we seek to:

  • Create an environment of social responsibility;
  • Address the violence across our country, especially against our women and girls;
  • Develop champions for Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Ensure justice for our nation’s youth and
  • Nurture a sense of passion, pride and belonging – within our respective communities and across our great nation.

PLOTT organizes countless events and debates to raise public awareness and improve civil society interaction with government policy; publishes weekly bulletins, monthly and annual reports informing the public of up to date crime statistics and economic news relevant to member countries, and more recently we launched a mobile app and national community outreach programme to address and prevent crime, ensure citizen security and unite communities.

PLOTT is regularly published and quoted in the national newspapers and television news broadcasts due to our extensive research and insight. Our Goodwill Campaigns are “galvanizing events” which create widespread awareness and engagement and find solutions to problems at the grassroots level. Our Campaigns let our target audience know just how important they are to the change(s) we desire and get everyone involved in working toward a common objective – positive change for T&T.

Overarching Focus Strategic Pillars Strategic Initiatives
Social Development;

Measurable Socio-Economic Impact

The Economy Drive strategic sector/business development with socio-economic growth and sustainability in mind

Budget analysis and scorecards
Develop Champions for T&T


Crime and National Security Reduce aggression, violence and lawlessness

Crime Research and Analysis
Criminal Justice Reform
Youth Justice
Nationwide Community Outreach

CSAFE Mobile App, Public Awareness & Education

Governance and Transparency Drive performance and accountability

Open Government and Open Data



(new pillar 2017)

Champion national health and wellness

Public awareness & education; Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)
Close the gaps; develop health information management system, national scorecard and minimize risks